Trump, Taxes & Spending: Stimulus in the Outlook

Trump, Taxes & Spending: Stimulus in the Outlook. This webinar presentation was given by Dr. Joel Prakken on Nov. 30, 2016. The webinar is 56 minutes. The program starts seven minutes into the audio presentation. Users must register before listening. Click here to register

MA’s FOMC Voting Index —Mildly Dovish

Members of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) differ according to their underlying views on monetary policy, with the differences labeled either hawkish or dovish. Hawks express more concern about preserving low, stable inflation and less concern about promoting faster growth and higher employment through monetary policies. They express more concern about overheating in labor or financial markets that could lead to an overshoot of inflation or increase the risks of financial excesses. In contrast, doves are more likely to favor policies that promote higher employment, less slack, and a wider distribution of economic gains. Doves may be less concerned about overshooting the Fed’s inflation objective and greater concern about inflation that runs below target. Doves place more weight on policy asymmetry near the lower bound on interest rates and may place more emphasis on the international effects of domestic monetary policy. In MA’s FOMC Voting Index, we summarize the … Continue Reading